16 Free Things to do in Dallas

Dallas, despite of being the third largest city in Texas, it offers you plentiful of free activities, attractions and other stuffs like museums, parks, community events, live music shows, etc. There are endless places to visit and enormous activities to enjoy in this Metropolis city. People all around the world especially from New York to Dallas take a tour to visit these free collections of arts and museums.

 1. Crow Collection of Asian Art This is a compact museum which briefs the learning about heritage and Arts of Asia. It is housed downtown Arts District which is located in contemporary building in Dallas. It embraces artworks and sculptures from Japan, India, Southeast Asia and China. These artworks are the belongings ancient era to the contemporary times.

    2. African American Museum African American museum traverse the exhibitions of more than thousand objects that detailed the history of African American people. This museum is best known around the world for its folk-art collection.

    3. Dallas Museum of Art It displays the world tour of ancient and contemporary arts. It is situated in the Art district of downtown Dallas. This Dallas Art district is designed by New York architecture and people of New York are very eager to visit Dallas Museum of Art travelling all the way from New York to Dallas. 

   4. Pioneer Cemetery It is a park which was initiated in 1849 in that area of Dallas which was settled on another hill area which is higher and quiet separated from the Original town of Dallas. It was basically the resting place of six Dallas Mayors.

    5. Hall of State  The magnificent Hall of State was built in 1936 to celebrate the Texas Centennial and contemplate the centennial’s “Crown Jewel”. It is counted amongst one of the best “Art Deco Architecture”. It is guardianship under Dallas Historical Society.

    6. Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive This is an important place as it is the burial location earliest founders of Dallas, first business man of Dallas, Mayors of the city and Texas revolutionary heroes. This place is second most visited tourist place where most of the tourists travel to visit Pioneer Plaza all the way from New York to Dallas. 

  7. Dealey Plaza and Grassy Knoll This is a tiny haunting park which was established in 1935. If you have ever visited here you must have felt like you are on sacred ground. In this building Lee Harvey Oswald killed the president Kennedy by firing the fatal shots. 

   8. Ride the Trolley Dallas is best known as a Car town and it will be more easy and comfortable to you if you have your own. In case if you don’t have it, then you are available with many options including free service DART M-line trolly. It is fully air conditioned and it travels from Dallas Art district to Uptown neighborhood. This ride can be best suited to you if you are planning to explore the city. 

   9. Deep Ellum Street Art Deep Ellum contains abundance of murals, sculptures, other visual arts all round the sides of the building and covering the entire street. Under I-30 highway, this street art is absolutely free to stroll. 

   10.  The Trinity Skyline Trail It will show you the Trinity overlooks taking you up in the skyline and enjoying the Jolly Green Giant along with Discoball-esque Reunion tower. You also have a chance to stroll a close view of Dallas flood plains and Trinity River. 

  11.  Klyde Warren Park  Constructed over the recessed Woodall Rodgers Freeway, this park is built on 5.2 acres of land depicting fully green space. It encourages various activities related to Yoga, chess, croquet, and many other special events. During weekends it gets crowded and the major crowd belongs from New York to Dallas. 

  12.  The Sweet Pass Sculpture Site A sculpture park has been established from the former dumping ground which earlier belongs to 402 Fabrication Street. It is made mainly for the mid career artists and emerging artists. Its main featured work includes “Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa's "Black Power Naps Park / Parque Siestas Negras”. 

   13.  The Ronald Krik Bridge This is named after the first African-American mayor of Dallas. Here you can enjoy the drives and shopping malls. Apart from that there is a ‘Thanks-Giving Foundation’ where you can acknowledge on the basis of mutual understanding, healing and other dialogues also. People especially travel from New York to Dallas to visit this bridge. 

   14.  Katy Trail Katty trail is famous for activities like running, cycling, walking. It stick to the railroad line from American Airline center to Southern Methodist University. In total it covers 3.5 miles.

    15.  John F. Kennedy Memorial This memorial is an impression of Philip Johnson which has been dedicate to the fallen ex-president. Here you can enjoy the overwhelming view of the sky via the roofless space with sculpted words ‘John Fitzgerald Kennedy’. 

   16.  Cedar Ridge Nature Center It is a park built on 600 acres where you can relish pristine nature escape for relieving your stress. Activities performed here are boating, biking, fishing, bird-watching and hiking.

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